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This site has no official association with the artist Abbey McCulloch, this is strictly a fan page only, please contact her gallery for further information:

Direct link to Abbey’s Bio and Exhibitions can be found here


Quirky, simple and illustrative – these words best describe the art of renowned Visual Artist, Abbey McCulloch who lives and works in Queensland. She says she “draws her inspiration from friends, family, glossy magazines and photographs she has taken of women in shopping centers and off the street, looking for those awkward interactions that happen within these settings.” (Emily Portmann, 22/07/2012, ).


This website is an appreciation page created mainly to show her works to the world. It aims to be a helpful source to spread and to showcase the world class paintings of this Queensland based artist.


Abbey McCulloch is a recognized Australian Visual Artist. She took up her Masters degree in Fine Art from Queensland’s College of Art. One of the few finalists in the Archibald Prize and a also in many selected prestigious bodies such as Redland Art Prize, the Paul Guest Drawing Prize, the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize, the Stan and Maureen Duke Prize and the Metro Art Prize. The Australian Art Collector has named McCulloch one of Australia’s 50 Most Collectable Artists. McCulloch also shows commercial success as her works have been featured in known publications such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Frankie Magazine. She was also an ambassador for the Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics.

McCulloch has also had many exhibitions not just around Australia, but also recently in ART STAGE SINGAPORE.

Further information about Abbey and to learn more about her vision and art, here is a link to the ABC documentary for Art Nation which features this world class artist,

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